Sunday, 29 July 2007

All Tangled Up

I got my alpaca yarn washed yesterday(2 ply yarn from leg fleece for reminders). I started out with 100g of carded fleece..... I think I washed out 40g of dust and dirt! LOL!
I kid you not- I had to wash that skein 3 times with shampoo in very hot water (and 2 rinses) and the water was mostly clear when I was done. I was so amazed- the first 2 washings looked like mud puddles in the sink! I even had DH come in to see it and the 3 of us stood in our teensy little bathroom to watch the yarn finally become 'clean'! It was *that* amazing! lol

I also got my 'drought busta' onto the niddy noddy- will endeavour to wash that today. And I started to ply my clownface (100g ball from the T spindle...)- with black thread- and OMG!- what a NIGHTMARE that was. :(
I am not joking when I tell you it got tangled up and took me/us (DH helped -than Goodness-or else it would all be in the garbage by now!)a complete 30 mins to unwind it and wrap it on a length of wood- much like a nostepinne without the proper wrap. The last thing i wanted to do was learn to to wrap on a nostepinne last night!!!!
so it is a little bit on my spindle and majority bit on that wooden thing. *sigh*
I will try it again now- but if anyone has a help for me on how to stop my center pull balls from my T spindle from tangling up as I 'use' them- I would be forever GRATEFUL!
I didn't get the chance to make my CD spindle yet- but hope to at some point today.
We are having rainy weather and my hands/fingers/wrists have been really feeling it- for a few days now. :( But will stop when the weather gets nice again. We need the rain so am not complaining one bit!

Made the most divine soup last night- "Chipotle Corn Chowder"- was going to follow a recipe I had found- but ended up- as usual- using it as a guide only. But ohhhh it was so divine....yummmmmm. Just the right amount of heat and so rich and filling...
we each had a grilled/broiled flour tortilla with cheese- RJB didn't eat much even though I left all the hot out of his soup....and usually anything with cheese is eaten right up- but no luck last night.
Am intending to make that crockpot stew today...boy- I have lots planned for today...hmm...

My sister, Donna, went on vacation/holiday to Canada two weeks ago- I keep hoping to hear they are home safe..... most of my USA family loves to go to Canada in the summer. I've not been there- but the funny thing is- when someone here tries to figure out my accent ( me ? with the accent- no, not me- it's all of you LOL! )- they more often than not ask if I am from Canada! lol!
RJB has my accent ( or lack of ) at the moment- once in awhile his father's English accent creeps in on certain words- but no Aussie accent.....expect he will pick that up once he starts school...*if* we are still in Oz for that. Only 2 more years...*sigh* - I will love having my 'me' time back- but I am going to miss him lots. Waited a LONG time for a little one.... I do try to enjoy the time I have with him. Not successful every day but that is my own fault- not his.

OK- better get going- laundry is hung- but lots more to do- will be back asap with pics of that 'paca yarn and more.

Hope you are well!

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