Monday, 2 July 2007


Well- June sure went fast! >>>>>> zoom!

It is Monday morning as of my writing and I am not able to send out mail.
We are having WINDY weather, with rain forthcoming- that couldn't possibly be affecting mail- but thought i would mention it. The weather bureau gets it wrong 90% (+) of the time it seems- but oh well.
I should start a blog just for that - to record what they forecast and what we got. LOL
Better to not know I reckon. All I know is that if the wx folks got it wrong this often in PA- they'd be run out of town!

Crocheting a hat for RJB and spinning the alpaca- much thinner this time- i am not keen on spinning thin- but hope it will fluff up like the wool did and i should have something more managable. I am using the Babe spindle I got from
Caroline who lives a few hours' drive north of me in Elizabeth East I think it is.....too far to drive with the cost of petrol- mailing is cheaper- but what a neat lady- please click on the link and visit her eBay store- she has a tahkli/takli [ supported spindle] I want to get to try with my angora bunny fur I got from Mandie .). I am using it nearly like a supported spindle as even though it is light in weight with just one whorl on- it is still a big heavy for the short fibers of the leg fleece I am spinning. I somehow enjoy the challenge of spinning the leg fleece- go figure. Ah and by the way- I HIGHLY recommend the Babe spindle ( from the USA originally- will put a link once I can find it again and *if* i remember it. otherwise email me and i will look it up for you if you are in the USA and want one.........)- it comes with 2 whorls (& o rings to keep them in place) so you can spin top or bottom whorl and you can also ply with it- haven't figured that out yet- but i WILL- Caroline sent a very informative CD ROM type thing with lots of info on that i can't quite find the time to view all of it yet. But i will eventually.

I think the wind just damaged the over the fence neighbours new verandah roof- just heard something loudly crashing. eeks!

Hope you are well.

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