Tuesday, 10 July 2007


I am one of the lucky bloggers whose Title bar isn't working- so rather than go on posting as normal- I have decided to wait until this is fixed- unless it goes for a week or more- then I will not wait- cos I have lots of pics I would like to share! But since I am here:

This lurgy that i thought I was over is still hanging on- but am still feeling better than I was a few days ago- so will still call it progress. :)
Just found out that we will be having a few days of holidays ( vacation for the American readers) very soon- ( in 2 days) and I don't know for how long- but DH 's boss came up to him yesterday and told him that now would be a good time to take his hols as they really dont' have any work for him right now. They could find some for him- but likely it would be in an area of the factory where he doesn't like to be. So! "Vacation- all we ever wanted......"- looks like RJB might be able to get a train ride in sooner than I thought he would. Fingers crossed for a sunnier slightly warmer day over the next week or so. Have to check out when the trains run... I know the children are on school holidays at the moment- so the trains are running down at Victor Harbor- and there are a few geocaches down that way that RPB will want to get while we are down there too. Me- I just want fiber! I actually am spinning in the evenings for an hour or two as we watch telly- but my fingers are sore from doing so much spinning to finish up that alpaca that they haven't had a chance to recover and I have done another ( or nearly) 100 g ( roughly 3.5 oz) of the Clown Face dyed merino- pictures all forthcoming. I just keep getting caught up in the plying dilemma.
This clown face is awesome and i can hardly wait to ply it and wash it,etc- so I can make something with it! Not sure if I can part with it as I originally planned! LOL We'll see.

In case you wish you could get your own copy of Yarn Magazine- Mandie of Ewe Give Me the Knits! sells it on her website now. Isn't that cool? It is a really great magazine - and if you knit- I think you will find it invaluable. This month's issue even goes into making your own pattern/items. It's all greek to me since I don't knit! LOL

Another "All Saints" character left the building tonight- Vince is the character's name- he just left to go to Canada and get his own practice......... less dramatic ending- but he gets to come back if he wants some day! Not so easy for the previously mentioned Englishman- Sean/Chris Vance.

OK- I have to post a pic. before I turn in for the night- just have to:

This is some of the spinning of the clown face roving on my turkish spindle. It's much fuller now. ;) Am hoping i can stuff a few metres/yards more on there as I just separated out another arm's length of roving.

And for those of you who are curious about my adorable son RJB- here he is- reckon I should post this or delete it? I don't know...... I am torn. Don't think anyone can look us up via this thing- but one never knows! Opinions please- pics or no of said son?

He had a thing for sticking out his tongue that morning ( yesterday I think it was...)-I got one or 2 without -but I like this pose. I have better ones to post- but as I said am unsure if it is wise.

Will delete it if others are as paranoid as me. ( Red Chestnut has not helped me completely get over my worries for others- but it's helped! And I can thank the Wild Oats BFR for leading me to spinning- I just know that! It worked really really quickly for me! I am so thankful for that & for Crystal for making the deal we'd both take the drops so that I took them as I'd been putting it off! Why? Who knows? Fear of actually finding out what I want to do with my life and not know how to go about it I guess!)

OK_ am going to bed now it's after midnight!

Hope you are well.

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Crystal said...

Love the spinning. I'm excited I've been able to see the pics lately. Sharon had to send them separate to me for a bit and I felt bad about the extra work for her.

Very adorable pic of RJB, also. But I'm not a good one for knowing how safe it is as I don't understand the blogging and myspace pages and all to know how safe these things are.

I'm so impressed with your spinning. To me it looks expert.