Thursday, 5 July 2007

Kitchen Tip: Save Your Celery!

An area I have not yet gone into that I would like to include in my blogging is kitchen/cooking ramblings and ravings.
My first Raving is a kitchen tip that I learned about 1 or 2 years ago now- and I really want to share it in case any of you have not tried it yet- this is really a good one:
We are a family of 3- and even though we are vegetarians- we tend to not be able to use a whole bunch of celery before it goes off. Well! It used to be that way- now - as long as I remember to actually do this tip ( pathetic, I know....) - is to wrap your celery in alum. foil! It really really works! We compost almost all our veggie scraps- so I just hack off the top leaves, saving any good sized stems that are in there, and cut the celery to fit the hunk of foil I have ripped off.
I find it keeps better if it is wrapped tightly in the foil with nothing sticking out. I also recommend using heavy duty foil for this task- those rascals can be pointy when they want to be! ;)
Done this way I have found the celery stays quite crisp and nice for weeks and weeks! I am sure the nutritional value drops as would be the case for any long storage vegetable- but well- you can't have it all I reckon! Give it a try and let me know- I like feedback! :)

Hope you are well.

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Mandie said...

OOOOO kewl tip Sharon. I hate wilting celery - will give this a go and let you know how I get on for sure!
Thanks :-)