Thursday, 19 July 2007

The holidays are over

You'd think I would have lots to write about after hubby having 7 days off- and I guess I do- but just can't seem to find the words to write about mostly mundane things.

We went shopping - for groceries on the first day- woo hoo! Well- it did involve going to Colonnades mall instead of just over the road. So I got to go to the newsagent and look for the new issue of Spin-Off magazine- i found it and drooled just off the pages- and remembered we had splurged on a subscription to it last month! So our issue should show up very soon(hoping for today actually!) You can be sure I will be writing about it once I have recvd. it and read it through once. ( I WANT A NOSTEPINNE!!! -they have one on the front cover with a partially knitted sock- they have great covers.) And then I got to go to the 'continental' foods store- where they sell imported things we foreigners miss from home- all at a hefty price- but i tell you what with the cost of shipping- I can't blame them! (e.g. $7.50 for a bottle of Karo syrup and $6.50 for a small jar of Hellman's mayo. USA flavoured mayo- they sell Hellman's here- but it tastes like all the rest of the Aussie ones-which I found to be odd. I am not a big mayo fan- prefer Miracle Whip for most things...) and then to Coles for some groceries- it was a total madhouse and we got very little!
The next day I think we might've not gone anywhere- and if we did- it was probably just for the items we forgot in the madhouse the day before.
Sunday I was unwell and was in bed for half the day- finally about 3 pm everything eased and was feeling better- i got some spinning done and plied my long awaited alpaca singles. Did a center pull ball and plied it upon itself. It's not near as nice as the raspberry wool I did- but I have to remember this was leg fleece and the staple is VERY short and would normally be a bit of a challenge for a seasoned spinner- I have thought of a project in which to use the yarn- once it is washed and dried- I will start that and when it is finished- want to show you all the steps from start to finish. :)
The guys went to near the City and went to a Thomas the Tank Engine exhibition at the Rail Museum. I was bummed to miss out- but they did ok and found out it is on until THIS Sunday- so might get back- depending on the weather. So I had from about 10 am to 4:30 pm to myself! ( too bad I didn't feel up to doing anything until 3! LOL! )
Saturday is not coming to mind what we did. hmmm........ Not much I am going to say. Geocaching maybe?
Man- I will have to write later- I just can't think.
At some point after the alpaca got plied I started my "Drought Busta" roving I bought from Mandie last's so pretty! Shades of green with tiny touches of purple in it. I am 2/3 done and then have to decide what I will do with it- it is such subtle shading- I might just leave it as an unplied singles.....and set it that way and use it for something then... that is such a neat look- but i worry it might come apart some how....... shouldn't once it is set though-right?
Will have to research it before I decide for sure.

Well- RJB wants some juice so will go for now- at least I got something added to the blog before a week was up! lol
Will post more asap.

Hope you are well.

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