Sunday, 22 July 2007

Trains & the Beach

Naw, no trains *on* the beach- that is just what we have done in the last two days. :)

Just realised I have not resized any of the train pics from when the boys went on their own- and we didn't take the camera on Friday when we all 3 went, so will have to post about the train experience next time...
so this time you get treated to some photos of Sellick's Beach- which is about 20 mins south of us- went there because 1) it was a really nice day yesterday (about 17° C) and 2) there is a geocache in that area which we have wanted to go find for months now.
We have recently had a pretty severe storm come through and there was a King tide with it- which brought ALOT of high waves with lots of energy in them to move things. We have not been here before so couldn't know for sure what the tide did- but there were lots of small rocks close to the cliffs and these beauties were sitting there. Likely they were not overly affected by the storm-the tide happened to be out at this time. Or so I thought. Actually it was just starting to come in, as by the time we left-the part of the beach where they are allowed to drive on the beach was getting covered in water! Now that *was* about 2 hours' time lapse- but still- once it started to come in, it came IN!

Here is RJB on one of the large sandstone formations. Would be a nice place to bring a towel, climb up, and just relax in the sun. The dark spots are small 'caves' in the rock. Not sure if they aren't more made by humans than nature- but are interesting parts of the landscape.

He brought his front loader toy- we thought there would be more sand than there was! lol He did use it in a rock pool area while dad went off into the 'canyon' to find the cache. ( success was not easily found I am told- but he was successful!)

This is another long shot of Sellick's Beach- if you notice the white 'spots' in the background on the green part- those are water pipes. Carrying *lovely* city water to those in need! Not too far from the cache here really.

This is an amazing naturally occurring sandstone 'bridge'.

It is so hard to show depth in photos- isnt' it? Next time we go back- we will have someone stand under it to give you a better idea of how large it is- we didn't anticipate so many rocks so Riley and I just had our plastic clogs on- *not* good for rock walking. lol!

Was a really nice day for being on the beach- LOTS of families with several children in them out and about as we were leaving. End of school holidays and nice weather combination make for good outings with the family. :)


I also have some pics to share of the finished "Drought Busta" roving- still on the the spindle- which is now emptied of that and has some "Moroccan Nights" roving started on it. This is slippery stuff compared to what I just spun and am finding I am spinning it very, very thinly. Was tired when I started- so maybe I will do better today. I don't mind thin- but don't want thread! lol

You can see some of the purple hints in it here. Very subtle- I can hardly wait to find a project for this one to see it crocheted/knitted up... very nice. :)

Here's what it looks like from the bottom. :)

This is doing the "under one, over two" wrap method on the spindle. Easier to see all the neat colours this way.

Here it is right side up! ;)

I had another one to post- but figure you are probably bored with looking at the same one.

I am not sure this cone shape is the way it is meant to be wrapped- but it works for me! It allows me to fit the whole 100g on- although at about 3/4 it does start to get heavy and breaks more readily if I am not careful.

Better get going-the rest are awake and are having a cranky time. Am hoping to post train pics later today or tomorrow.

Hope you are well.


Crystal said...

What a cool beach. I want to walk on it so bad and sit on that big rock (where RJB was standing) and read and sun...

In the top pic is a cool rock that looks like the shape of a pyramid--can you bring it home? And one that looks like an egg. Can you see it?

I love the bridge, too, and your drought busta roving...

Mandie said...

Oh wow, the beach looks gorgeous!
The Drought Busta roving looks great, you have a knack of bringing my rovings to life - I love it!!
Where did you get your Turkish Spindle from? Holly told me I must buy one!!
Talk soon & Happy Spinning :-)