Monday, 23 July 2007

Trains! (Warning - pic heavy post!)

I have way too many train pics chosen to post here- so will try to keep them small so it doesn't take too long to download the page. Descriptions for each photo is above it.

Happy RJB with a happy Thomas.

Thomas being attended to by the train folk. His real name is "Bub". He is small gauge train.
Here is the full size locomotive they had running that day - named Peronne. :) You could get really close to it.
This is inside the second class carriage that RJB & RPB rode the day they went- we rode in FIRST CLASS (woo hoo) the day the 3 of us went. ;) In first class the seats were individual-ish and facing backward and forward rather than 'in' ...and the guardsmen let us look into the back area where packages and such were kept. Was very nice of them. :)

Here's Thomas passing Peronne- or was it Peronne passing Thomas?!? A photo taken out the window, very artsy don't you think?

Here is Peronne as he is pulling away- yes- they back him out of the railyard- down about 150 yards and then back again! What do you want for $2.00 !?

This one is called "The Red Hen"- it only runs on weekends- so I missed out on riding it. But the guys got it on the first trip.

This is inside museum- they had what seemed to be hundreds of trains all parked inside buildings- many of them you could see set up as they would've been back in the day... some of the engines we could climb up into and have a look around. Having LONG legs is a real bonus for this exploration! They had some of the BIGGEST engines I have ever seen- literally giants. The wheels were probably a good 5 & half feet tall- if not more. Literally awesome. No photos could be taken where you could truly appreciate how HUGE they were. Maybe next time we go we will try though.
One of the many steam engines they had at the museum. I can't imagine a more comprehensive collection in all of Australia. So if you or someone you know is a train enthusiast- let them know about the National Rail Museum here in Port Adelaide in South Australia- they won't be disappointed any time of year! There is ALOT more in the museum, so much that I couldn't even *begin* to tell you it all. I am not the biggest enthusiast- went for Riley's sake- but memories of Dad talking about trains & all the memorabilia he had kept in the shed while he was alive, and remembering the museum my brother Randy & I discovered accidentally one weekend just riding up to the New England states for the day...... I have good feelings and happy memories linked with these iron horses.
Besides - who can not smile and wave at a passenger train full of happy people waving at you as they pass?

Thanks for looking- hope you are well!

PS) The red hat RJB is wearing- crocheted by me with commercial yarn. It is meant to be cuffed so it isn't so BIG- but well... LOL! ;) And he chose the colour. :)

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