Monday, 9 July 2007

A working title space would be nice! LOL

( Seemingly all fixed on July 11,2007)
Feeling better is a nice thing. My 3 YO eating peas on purpose is a nice thing. Him eating a green bean in plain sight on a spoonful of veg. soup alphabet pasta is a nice thing. Having friends and family who care you are ill is a nice thing. Soft fleeces and colourful rovings are nice things. A surprise bouquet of sunshine-y yellow lillies from my hubby and son on my table is a nice thing. Layby (layaway) is a nice thing. Rain on a drought stricken country- a very nice thing. We need more- in nice amounts spread over weeks- can you all say "Thanks for rain all over Oz" to the Universe? In whatever way you do things like that? Prayer, meditation, talking out loud to the sky...whatever.
All I know is that if we put lots of positive energy into saying "thank you " for what we need to be done-as if it were already done- it will happen. If we focus on the lack- that is what we will get. So THANKS Universe for rain - and nice things.

Tell me some nice things from your life recently, please?

Hope you are well. :)

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