Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Happy 4th of July!

I *do* realise that living in Australia ( God Save the Queen!) that this title isn't probably the best thing to write- but being a proud American and hoping American family members are reading this in around the holiday- I just had to wish every one of you a Happy Independence Day! Being under the Queen's far reaching 'rule' isn't all that bad guys........ she's even visited this country once since I have been here! (come to think of it- she just visited the USA...!) LOL!
There's no harm in wishing anyone anywhere a Happy 4th day of July- so if it means something to you- please do a little family celebration with me in the back of your thoughts if possible. It is a wild and windy day with gale force winds predicted this afternoon- so no celebrational fireworks ( read: Sparklers) will be going off here. And know I am thinking of you all.

RPB is home today not feeling too keen and last night I started with it- his goes to his head- mine always goes to my chest/lungs..... RJB is sneezing lots- but hope he stays healthy! (for the record-I tried white text here but was not very visible so finally decided on another shade of blue- but know I intended for white! ;) )

Not much going on but wiping of noses and resting. I'm spinning where/when I can making headway into that 100g of leg fleece I carded. it filled a plastic grocery shopping bag FULL once I was done carding it! Didn't take a pic- should've. Ah well.

Thinking of you all- Let Freedom Ring!

Hope you are well.

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Crystal said...

And a Happy 4th to you, too! Get healthy -- 3 B's!

Your patriotic type holiday comes up in a few weeks, doesn't it?

I'll think of you when viewing the fireworks--although we are to get bad weather off and on so who knows if there will be fireworks.