Friday, 10 August 2007

Finally Friday

This was one of those weeks that seemed longer than a week.
But Friday it is and that means only 1 more sleep and we are off to the Mt. Pleasant/SACSOS fibre festival. :)
It' s 40 mins. drive outside the city heading north/NE- so for us that will make it a good 80 mins. - Not sure if going on the other side of the Onkaparinga Gorge would make the trip shorter- but it would be prettier- this side is all developed and city..........the other side is glorious views interrupted by towns- usually worth the extra time/distance to drive South a ways to go North. :) I honestly can't tell you how excited I am to be going. Don't know if we will try to take photos of the event or just take photos of what we get- but there *will* we photos of some sort! lol

Am drawing a blank as to what to write so will post this and go frog a mitten I started and now realise I will not have enough of that yarn to make two. Maybe I could start a "mismatched mittens" fad?? I am actually experimenting with a pattern to adapt it to make a certain mitten I have been wanting to create for some few weeks now.... that only seems to be available in knitting patterns- so have been debating on whether to try it with crocheting....but really have been thinking of it so much- so I know it means I have to give it a try. Winter is ending here and it is hot in the USA - so no matter where you are- you are probably not thinking it is mitten weather ( or for much longer). When I am done with these- I hope anyone who tries them will wish it is mitten weather more often. :)
If I really can get the whole thing to work out- I would eventually like to sell them, but that is a long way off.
I had notice from the folks at Spin-Off magazine that my issue is on its' way! To be here for Aug. 24th at latest. Then the new issue is due out the early part of September and I am hoping it will be here much more quickly than the first issue. I can hardly WAIT for the Fall issue of S.O.- they gave a sneak preview ( verbally) and it is an issue I simply must have! Might get one off the newsstand and have two copies ! LOL!

Well- RJB wants to play trains so I am off to be the 'ding-ding' ( railroad light crossing- arm up and down thingy).

Hope you are well.

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