Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Scarf and Hickory Stick to See

First up to see is the curly whirly scarf I made....

I guess I am a good 2 years behind on this fad..... but I don't care! Well- it's a bummer to not have links to many of the patterns not work anymore- but that's OK! lol
This is crocheted from a 100% wool singles yarn from Sean Sheep. It's fun- it just is a long spiral of massive quantity of stitches- very addictive to do- I want to turn all my current yarns into these! I had not crocheted with a singles before this- I like it and have no problem whatsoever with it.

Which is good- as the finished yarn you are are about to see was done as a finished singles....

This is my Hickory Stick roving (hand dyed by the infamous talented Mandie of EGMTK!)

and here is the yarn I made from it. :D

I love this process - it is one of the best things to happen to me! Really! I know that sounds pathetic- but you know what? I have loved yarn since I can remember. Doing finger crochet chains for seemingly miles and miles. Never understanding why I couldn't get more rows on it. LOL ! I figured it out eventually. ;) So to make my very own- that no one else will ever ever have or create is just awesome to me. Have I said that too many times already? I will say it again surely- so just smile and nod, please?

The lunar eclipse last night was AWESOME! Spectacular. I hope you at least got to see a photo of it. The moniker "Blood Moon" was so appropriate... the deepest shade of red that could be imagined and still be seen from so far away. I feel blessed to have been able to witness it.

I am keeping this short since it is Wednesday night and time for House, MD!

Hope you are well.

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Mandie said...

Gorgeous scarf - you might have to teach me to crochet as well as drop spindle!!
I LOVE how you've spun Hickory Stick - it's AWESOME Sharon, clever gal!
You might want to consider doing some commission crocheting.....I would be your first customer :-) Seriously.