Friday, 3 August 2007

And They're GONE!

Well! Mandie got her absolutely gorgeous newest offerings up last night and nearly sold out before they were all listed I think! I am so happy for her! PLEASE click on her name and go have a look at her website to see what I mean.

Speaking of- I got the pics taken of my finished Drought Busta skein- so here it is:

This is showing slightly darker than real life on my monitor- but of course I can't tell what you are seeing exactly- but it is a nice wonderful colour.... i have left it in the twisted skein for now.

I am contemplating what to do with it - Approx. (139 x48" = ) 184 yds..... should be enough to make something of a larger size than a hat or scarf.
Been a busy morning already. Lots more to do.
Nearly done with plying the clown face- but it broke last night ( not sure what happened - but I guess I didnt' spin it tightly enough in that area...) so will have one large skein and one much smaller one- but who cares?- it is fun and pretty!
Edit: > I forgot to add earlier that Mandie has been featured in an interview on the "Lime and Violet" blog- please click * HERE * to go to the interview, it's a very nice read! And I am as proud as punch of her and for her! <
Hope you are well.

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