Monday, 20 August 2007

New A-rove-als

Well- the weekend wasn't much to write about- got some groceries and visited the Go-Lo next door so I could check for some lavender thread for plying. Hubby and son both managed to find stuff to buy- but zilch for me. ( it's ok- don't be sad- I made up for it Sunday!)

Then Sunday found us walking over to the local mall where I made up for Saturday by getting a sheep-load of stuff. Off-white thread, dark green thread, 2 glow in the dark stepping stones we'd been looking for for weeks/months now!, as well as some other stuff- oh- a gorgeous green bowl for me to keep my finished balls and skeins of yarn in so I am inspired to use them as well as just enjoy the sight of them and the satisfaction that *I* ( me?, I did that!?) made them!
I am telling you - this yarn making is right up there with being pregnant. I am fine with imperfection from myself! I figured I would not be happy with what I make/made as it is NOT what you can buy in the stores (eg: nice and even and smooth and even coloured,etc..)- it is thick and thin and not evenly spaced in the plying and sometimes there are fluffy bits sticking out that really shouldn't be there..... but for the most part I just don't care.... I actually *like* that they are not 'perfect'. And with the last yarn I made (pics. to come)- since it is made from batts that I had never worked with before ( the batt 'format'- not just the batts themselves, of course! LOL ) it is truly my very own yarn colourway decision. No way would anyone else have yarn just like this..... because I spin them at total random and whimsy.... too cool. Anyway......I digressed a bit, didn't I?......

When we hit Big W for some thread in lavender- I ended up getting 4! Three shades of purple ( dark, lavender, magenta-ish) & one of a light green (pastel mint green?). I find I enjoy plying with thread more than with another singles. But we also came home with balls of Sean Sheep wool that were on sale for $2 a ball! Now- these are normally $3 and $4 a ball so this was amazing to get 100% wool yarn ( 50g each) in really neat colours for that price! I only got 4 balls ( 2 each of some singles style yarn colours that compliment each other) and dh got some too- don't know the brand or remember the colours- but he as happy too! lol We are really getting to be wool fans. Who'd ever have thunk!? ;)
We also went to the beach later in the day- dug in the sand and enjoyed the surf sounds. The tide was coming in so we didn't stay long- but had a nice time. I prefer to walk- so did a little bit with the dog- but mostly spent time digging in the sand.
That was the best part of Sunday- the best part of Saturday has to do with the title (were you wondering??)- a lovely parcel of rovings arrived from "Ewe Give Me the Knits!". Let me tell you- that Mandie can pack a satchel! ( Thank You again, Mandie ) Inside were 5 very flatly smooshed rovings each in their plastic bags- ready to be liberated! OMG!

Here are the newest additions to our stash-

This green and burgundy pink one is called "Peppercorn Tree"- and it is exactly what a Pink Peppercorn Tree with ripened berries hanging on it looks like- colour-wise. I LOVE IT. I will talk about how neat/special they are to me once I have it spun I reckon.

This small photo-(I didn't get a larger photo saved-darn!)- is "Miss Hettie's Hat"... I love the yellow and purples together. RJB likes this one too- the name especially. :)

This one with the purples and earthtones is sooo pretty- called "Nyassa".... I haven't asked what the name means.... and it was a colourway done before I noticed so it must be a Mandie favourite as well. :)

And then there is THIS!- Is this not awesome? It's called "Intuitive"- so fun and perfect for something fun for summer-it will be interesting to see what this ends up becoming. :)
"Intuitive" above and "Garfields' House" below- are the ones that RPB chose for himself.
We'll see who actually ends up spinning them! ( heh heh! ;) )

I think this is an usual and really neat colourway. I can hardly wait to see how it spins.

Well- I better get going- this has been an all day project. I am so thankful for the draft save feature on here. Helps me alot more than I thought it would!
Hope you are well.


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

I got mine on monday too,cant wait to start themwill post piccies sson!!!

Rishari said...

Hi my love,
Just thought I'd mention the yarn I got at Big W; it's Panda Kids Zoomy; 70% acrylic, 20% wool and 10% nylon. I got 2 sherbety strawberry and 2 banana yellow, feels and looks a very fun yarn !
Oh, and I'd better get my spinning wheel up and running... or find a place to hide my rovings !! :)