Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A Lunar Eclipse Tonight

How cool- just found out this morning that there will be a total Lunar Eclipse this evening-starting at 6:51 pm Sydney time- (6:21 pm SA)....... I sure hope the sky remains clear for us to see things.

Have some yarn and a scarf drying - will photo them and post them here later- probably tomorrow now.

Busy weekend- Sat. saw us go for groceries and then once home again rearranged the front room to make things more accessible- what a nightmare! Mom always loved rearranging furniture- boy- not me. It is nice to have the space. But I am not sure the stress was worth it.
Yes- I do know it was.....room for Riley to have his train set out ( a figure 8 thing) and we can still walk passed him. That's a good thing. ;)

Sunday we spent most of it away geocaching down south- Normanville area. Saw some nice views- found 2 out of 4 caches we looked for...... 1 was at a skateboard/play park area that has pretty recently been bulldozed above the play areas- to make what looks like might be a level field for cricket games or the like- not sure the cache is still there! RPB and RJB did a thorough search and still came up empty handed........but it was a really nice park- so I think we will go back again to have another look. ;)

Then Sunday night found me sitting , once again, anxiously awaiting the new update at Ewe Give Me The Knits!- where, by the time it was all done, over 140 people had visited the store and out of 12 new offerings only 2 remain and I have no idea why- they are both so pretty...
I went silly and got two- well- 1 for me and one we'll fight over...... mine is a wool/silk mix-- and it is TUSSAH silk -also known as peace silk- which is harvested from the silkworm's cocoon AFTER it has hatched out. MUCH nicer than boiling the worms alive just so one is able to 'reel' the silk in one long piece. I was/am so grateful Mandie put that in the description so I knew it was veg. friendly. Then later an Optim on Acid choice came up and both DH and i wanted it- Optim is 14 micron wool!!! I simply cannot wait to try spinning some. :)

Will post photos once they are paid for and arrive. If you would like to see them now- at this moment they are available for viewing ( but will likely be removed by next Sunday's update)-
go here for the Optim on Acid and here for the Solaris Merino/silk top . What can I say? I like LOUD colours, not meant for the faint hearted! woohoo! :)

Yesterday ( Monday) found me up to my ears in household chores that were neglected over the weekend- so I didn't get much of anything done fun-wise. A bit of crocheting to finish the aforementioned scarf- and I got some wool plied from the two batts from Kathy B. that we got the first time we met her in Littlehampton,SA. :) I made the yarn for DH to use- am hoping he will like knitting with it......only 50g approx. - but it might make 'something'.......it seems to be about a worsted weight. (U.S. terms- I need to start doing the W.P.I. [wraps per inch] as I think that is a superior way to identify a yarn thickness/weight . )

A bit of frustrating news- a few months ago I splurged on a subscription to the USA magazine "Spin Off" - put out by Interweave Press......they said they sent the first issue and it should've been here by Aug.24th- no later.... but alas it has not arrived. The new issue will come out Sept. 12 I think it is- so have written to them to let them know I didn't get it...... does anyone else in Oz ( that reads this) get the magazine (or any others from the USA ) sent to them? If so- do you have any problems with issues missing? Would it be a customs thing? I sure hope not! I do not have the best of luck with them. ( Like them keeping my can of Old Bay Seasoning my brother Randy sent me- because it had cloves in it. Ground cloves!? What on earth could they have to cause concern or threat?
Mind you- if I got a special permit I could have it sent in then....
money sure talks- loudly. I feel worse for Randy- having spent all that money on the spice/seasoning and sending it- only to have it get taken away. Me thinks the quarantine folks are having nice boiled shrimp with all the right seasonings somewhere.........)
Anyway- I digress. As I often do. ;)

There is a new thing where we can put a video on our blog now...... somehow- so now i can share my RJP with you! Won't that be so cool? I shudder to think how long it will take to DL- but it will be worth it to be able to show him to my family in the USA.

Will try to write more later- but not sure.
Tacos for tea- whoopee! I am hoping RJB will like those better than burritos... the crunchy shell should do it. :)

Hope you are well.

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Christine said...

Hi Sharon,
I know some knitters (myself included) have had problems with subscriptions to Interweave Knits. I no longer subscribe & just wait till it's in the newsagents.