Monday, 6 August 2007

Sunny Mundy

Well! Monday night arrives again~ not alot happened on the weekend as DH worked OT on Friday night and on Saturday ( what a blessing in disguise- I feel a bit more at ease now).
Saturday saw us head out for some groceries and Sunday we went in the mid afternoon to do 3 caches down Willunga way- about 25 mins. drive south of us. We managed to find all three too! The first one was quite a challenge- as it is located along a walking track- one that is paved and on what they call the "Sea and Vines" walk...and let me tell you- there were ALOT of people out for that time of day on a Sunday that was threatening with rain between bright bursts of sunshine. We managed to get the cache and while logging it- DH noticed others walking along and they had a GPS unit in their hands- sure enough they went right to where the cache would've been if we didn't have it! They finally noticed that I was wearing a GPS'r around my neck ( darn! I won't do that again however I *did* have the dog on the leash and was trying to write in the log book to log our find, in a hurry!) but they were good natured about it- and turned their backs while DH hid the cache. Then while we were logging the second find - didn't they drive passed us again! LOL But they drove on and came back after we left. RJB got himself a new little car ( fancy- convertable with flames along the front of the hood/bonnet-wooohoo!) and DH got himself a new little flashlight/torch keychain.... first and third caches respectively. I had chosen a purple one just like this one from the last time we'd gone. :D
Took several photos I'd like to share......
Well! I was *going* to post some photos- but can't get anything to cooperate so will try again tomorrow.
Was a beautiful day today- got lots done - including my clown face all skeined and washed- and is now drying. I think this came out pretty darn nice. Much more even and smaller/thinner than the first plied yarn I did! lol This is probably somewhere around sport weight or reg. worsted weight yarn.... using USA terminology as I can't quite 'get' the Australian way yet.
This is another beautiful yarn that I am just dying to make something from - but have no idea where to start- maybe a pair of mittens? Seems like there was something else I wanted to share- but can't think of it- will write it down if I ever think of it! Let me tell you something- if you like /love yarn and have never tried making your own- DO IT! It is more costly perhaps than buying your favourite Red Heart or even Lion Brand (depending on what you are getting I reckon! )- but the satisfaction of making a yarn NO ONE else will ever create the same as you is really awesome. :)
Am giving up for tonight- will write again A.S.A.P. .
Hope you are well. :)

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