Wednesday, 15 August 2007

More Battiness

Here are the pink ones I spoke of- the middle picture is a bit too full on- but I liked how the one had unfurled. :) There's no sparkle in these- but plenty of colour- pinks, blues, purple, dark melon-really amazing.

I will also show you the blue and black ones although they are not really specifically mine....the blue is def. hubby's choice... I am not much of a blue fanatic most of the time. I do appreciate it- but it is not a first choice colour - especially blue- gray! lol He's just finished a manly watch cap sort of hat and a matching scarf for colder days of our winter in this colour way- almost exactly like it....with yarn I'd brought with me from the USA. ( yes- I brought as much as possible with me because 5 years ago this area of the country had very little that was appealing or nice that we could afford! It may be acrylic- but it is pretty darn nice acrylic! I will never turn my back on acrylic yarn. It's just too darn fun and affordable. ;)

So- that is my update for now. Nothing exciting or even boring to really talk about- the clouds have moved in just like the BOM said it would- WOW~ amazing. Let's hope we actually get the *rain* for which they are calling!

Hope you are well.


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Im a blue person! As you would have worked as I pounced on Mandies denim roving on Sunday!
Cant wait to see it all when it arrives!

Crystal said...

I agree with you guru--I really like that blue shade. But I do like the top pictures. Wonderful colors.

Geez, ALMOST, I say ALMOST makes me want to learn to knit or crochet. I blame my lefthandedness on not being able to catch on to either task. Speaking of...Monday was National Lefthander's Day or something like that. LEFTIES UNITE!!!