Thursday, 2 August 2007


What is the past tense for a large amount of money spent without really realising it??

Our electricity bill arrived yesterday- (3months) - $500. ( minus $1.81 to be exact). GULP!

I was figuring on a large bill- but didn't think it would be here this month.....and they so generously gave us a whole 2 weeks to pay it! Isn't it convenient that they happen to put the price per kwh up in the month of July- the coldest month for a long time?!?
All my excitement of owning a new spindle or two went out the roof ( or where ever it is that our heat goes in this house! Door cracks I reckon) and I am doubting getting to the Mt. Pleasant Fibre Festival on Aug. 11. even though I just informed DH in very loud angry tones that I WAS getting there even if he didn't want to go..blah blah blah. We'll see I guess. It *is* still 2 weeks away- something might happen between now and then.

RJB is done with his driving game for on the tv ( playstation or something or other......) so I need to go get things right for him. DH did manage to charge the camera battery at some point last night- so I can take pics today. Am almost done with plying my clown face. It is going MUCH MUCH easier on this makeshift nostepinne. I am very glad to say that! YAY!

We had a really yummy dinner/tea last night that even fussy RJB ate! I was so happy and we all were so full! lol
Will write more about it later........

Hope you are well.

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