Monday, 18 June 2007

Cra**y Corner!

I will let you fill in the stars- but let me tell you this before you do- I am having to FROG 4 ROWS of my poncho because I didn't notice that I was missing an increase cluster on the one 'shoulder' seam for the poncho! >:(
I am so mad at myself- How did I not notice it sooner!?? 4 rows of work gone- that is the whole weekend's work plus!- GONE! >:(
I simply refuse to fudge this- this poncho is to be lasting me a long time and I do NOT want to be unhappy with it every time I wear it. SO!

You know where I will be - rip-it, rip-it!

I want to post photos of my fibre purchase(s) from EGMTK!
Mandie was a sweetheart and wrote to me before dashing off for the day to give me permission to use her photos so now I can share. I am going to show you the first one I got from her that is now SOLD OUT available again as of June 22/ 07 called "Clown Face". : D It makes me veeeeerrrry happy to look at it!
OK- will write more later.

Hope you are well.

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