Monday, 18 June 2007

Fiber Fotos

As promised I am showing you my recent purchases of fiber to spin- these all are prepared fiber of (mostly) merino wool.

This first showing is called "Settler's Rest" and once I had it into my possession I knew I had made the right choice to add this in to my order at the last minute. It was one of those that is an OOAK and knew if someone else got it- I would be unhappy. OMG! These colours are so neat and when I asked about the name I was given a description that fit nearly perfectly with what I had envisioned when I looked at it. Except, with me being American, my settlers were in a different area than the ones that inspired this colourway. But really- can't you just picture the pioneers settling into their homestead - the sky is blue to the East as the sun sets in the Western sky with all the pinks and oranges in the clouds... with the fresh green grass and flowers growing all around, and of course- for me- there is that touch of purple in there representing the blooming flowers? :) I really am pleased to be able to say I own this work of art. :)

This is the first roving I got from Mandie's online store here in Australia. Who could not love the rainbow colours?! Mind you I still don't know how I am going to spin it and keep the intergrity of all that colour- but I just might not spin 50g or so of it and just keep it that way. :)

Next up- "Drought Busta"- it was such a long, DRY, hot summer- when I saw this I could envision and almost feel what she was representing with this roving colourway. One of our favourite things to do once winter-ish weather is here is to drive down south of us to see how the hills have come alive with green colours and when the fields are purple with the Salvation Jane ( a noxious weed apparently- but boy a purty one when the fields are full and the hillsides are painted the most wonderful shade purple.). The exact apple of roving I got is the one on the left.
This roving named "Red Earth" reminds me of the rocks and cliffs around here and also reminds me of the photos I have seen of Uluru ( Ayer's Rock) up in the Northern Territory. The picture is a bit dark- but better than one I could take! lol
This one is called "Moroccan Nights". Again this one is prettier in person- but this one is close to the real colours. and OH SO SOFT.
And lastly, the colourway you see here is called "Orchard Overload"- I got two of these because I could see this being a wearable somethingorother, and there were 2 left available! I received the two on the right of the picture. And what fun when you open one of the apples of fibre- it sprung out all over like one of those can of snakes you used to see! It made me jump a little and laugh! Great colours in these. : D

I also got some white Angora Bunny Fluff. It is so so so so SO soft! It will be with me awhile until I am good enough to spin it. Special stuff that is.

My biggest passion is for Alpaca fleece- although you'd not know it from what I have written here- it's just that I think it is probably not all that exciting see bags of fur - you gotta touch it to love it I think. And love it I do. AND! (blowing my own horn here) I can spin even the shorter leg fleece on my drop spindle- my Turkish one is the best one I have for that. :) I HIGHLY recommend a turkish spindle. Mine is by the Ashford company (based in New Zealand)- although I did end up getting it via the USA. Funny how things work.

I will post pics once I have actually spun so you can see the finished yarn. Must get going for now.

Hope you are well.

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