Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Oh Say- Can You See?

OK folks- I *think* I might be having problems with the blog- can you help me out?
If you can't see the pictures I am balogging on about- would you please email me or leave a comment so I know? So far it is one for one- USA (Crystal) can't see -AU (Mandie) can see.
So- oh please say you can see? Yes? No? Please?
Thanks very much!

Hope you are well.


Mandie said...

Hey!! I can still see all the pics - looks great :-)
Thank you again for the linking and plugging :-)
We have all got the dreaded lurgy here so I'm going to head for the hay (the bed with 3 children and a cat!)and grab a few hours sleep while the going is good :-)
Will be back to read all your posts properly with a cuppa tomorrow!

Chavon said...

just sayin hi and letting you know I stopped by...:-)