Saturday, 16 June 2007

Poncho Progress

A midday update- thought I would add a photo ( albeit not a good one- that camera was being unfriendly today!) of my poncho I am making. For 4 years I have wanted to make myself a poncho and last weekend I decided I would. I have to sneak in a few stitches here and there- and some at night after RJB has gone to bed, so it is slow going- but I am determined to finish this and wear it on the not so cold days this winter.
(I made mittens of the yarn for RJB, single strand, the poncho is 2 strands held together).
It is made of a 'cheap' acrylic ( sorry to all the fibre fiends out there- it is just plain old boring acrylic- but it *should* wash and wear easily-which is what I need with a 3 y.o.! :) ) put out by the Sean Sheep company under the name of "Have U Any Wool?"- but I love the colours. They aren't spot on in the photo- but close enough. I still want to do about 8 more rows around- then add fringe- because I LOVE FRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! "It's not a poncho if it ain't got fringe!" is what I always say. Always. Whenever I am looking at a poncho I mean.... I don't just say it out of the blue or anything. ;)

I also got a big old gorgeous ( pardon my drool) package from NSW today- from Mandie- of rovings I ordered from her! I took photos - but the colours are so off I couldn't justify putting the pics here. I will try again on a sunny day or ask her to let me somehow use her photos for you to see what I got. 2 machine dyed rovings in Red Earth, and Moroccan Nights- and then 4 rovings (2 of Orchard Overload, 1 Settler's Rest, and 1 Drought Busta) of her 'specially hand-dyed by her for her webstore Ewe Give Me The Knits! . : D I thought that was a clever name indeed when I first saw it on How lucky I am to be able to call her a friend now! There was some white Suri alpaca fleece in there too- ( Thank You again!)- it is def. different than the Huacaya I am used to handling. Did I mention that I am determined to finish the poncho before I allow myself to do any more spinning? Wish me luck- as I am just so ready to get my drop spindle out and try my hand at these amazing rovings! ( toes wiggling! ) . ok- I am off to figure out the more technical bits to this here bloggy thingy- will write more soon.

Hope you are well.

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The colors are great.