Sunday, 17 June 2007

Before the Blog

A little about life before I started the blog that I thought you might like to know-

Last Sunday we went on a train ride in the Adelaide Hills- it's a small diesel train called "The Junction Jogger" that runs a short track in Mount Barker, SA. It only cost $7 for each adult and Riley rode free. It normally goes to a junction of some sort- hence the name Junction Jogger- but for some reason that day we, for an extra $2 each ticket, got to go to Platform 1- a train 'museum' of sorts- that has alot of old train stuff for children to see and play on ( alot of old train lights/lanterns were on display- reminded me of Dad's that he had saved) and some farm animals to pet and feed.

Here is one of the inmates- er, I mean, animals- what a sheepy grin, eh?

This calf was friendly and enjoyed her head being scratched.

There was a miniature pig there too - that forgot to be miniature, (read: FULL sized piggy -woohoo! ) but s/he looked so unhappy to be there, so no pictures please.

There were rabbits, a chicken, a few other sheep with lambs. We normally would not patronise a place like this- but RJB didn't care about seeing them anyway- he was all about the train stuff.

Here's our little Junction Jogger- he was insistent
that he sit on the seat by himself, nevermind that he couldn't see alot of what was outside. It was just having the experience, I guess. :)

( He is not keen on having his picture taken- but was ok with this one...)

OK- well- we need to go get some groceries and get moving on this chilly Sunday morning.

Hope you are well.

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