Monday, 25 June 2007

Berry Blurry

I am not happy with my pictures that I took this evening. This camera has really started behaving badly. It focuses on the wrong stuff ( like the background! ) and the pics I take all end up blurry. And to take them inside at night- well- forget it! I might be able to salvage one or two and post here- but know that I am not happy with them. This is just of the raspberry merino top I spun, no poncho or anything else. Will have to wait for a nicer day to maybe try to get the poncho photographed. To be honest- I am not even sure how to hang it or drape it to take a good photo of it.

Above right- the large picture- is the raspberry roving I am using in it's original form all soft and fluffy. Then up there on the left is a close-up of the spun "singles" as it is called. (Not sure why it is always a plural word but seems to be used that way for 1 or more unplied strands.) And closest above this text is the actual Turkish spindle with my second singles of raspberry merino roving on it. I refuse to remove it until I have a clearer picture. But this gives you an idea of the spindle if you are not familiar with any of this. :)

Nothing special today happened- was a nice day- but not overly interesting. Poor RJB- he doesn't have the most exciting life in the world. He did help me spin though! He liked catching the spindle to stop it from turning once I had spun enough that it needed wound on. That was fun to be able to share it with him. Am thinking of showing him how to spin on the first spindle I got- that I am not real keen on - and if he 'hurts" it- oh well....... not a huge loss. I don't want him to get frustrated either- but if I just maybe hook on some regular yarn and just let him spin that around-it might be enough fun for him. :) He loves the spinning wheel.....loves to treadle, & he is a good treadler!
Getting late-
Hope you are well.

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