Saturday, 23 June 2007

It's Done!

I am happy to announce that the poncho is done! No photo(s) yet- but hope to publish one tomorrow. I am immmensely proud of it! Of course I still have mistakes in it that I am aware of - but nothing anyone else would notice unless they were standing *way* too close! LOL
I wore it to the beach today- it was breezy but not that cold- so we made our way to Maslin's beach ( lower end ) and each flew a kite. I let Jade, our dog, fly mine awhile, which amused the onlookers. If it had been any windier I would not have done it- but it was quite nice- if there'd been less breeze then it wouldn't have been enough to fly the kites - more and it would've been too strong for RJB and/or Jade. It was a nice way to spend a coupla hours. We didn't remember to take the camera (again)- but RJB announced he wants to go back tomorrow! Not bad from a toddler who is not fond of the beach. Well- he likes the beach- but not the water if it gets too close to him. :) This is the best he has ever done with the kite too- he walked all over the beach, up and down - all backwards, mind you! lol Not sure why he thought he should go backwards, but it worked for him and the kite!
I am going to get back to my spinning- am doing some Raspberry coloured Merino from Ewe Give Me The Knits is so soft-I can hardly believe it is wool! Between the roving and the Turkish drop spindle, it is so easy - I keep thinking I *must* be doing something wrong! I really love that spindle..... I really do recommend you try one, if you have ever thought of trying your hand at spinning- start out with one of these and have a blast. I am sorry it was so long until I discovered them. Have always thought spinning wheels were amazing- but find drop spindles are my kinda craft. :) Right there with crocheting.

One thing I have to mention- we stopped by the grocery store and got some much needed bread and cat food, amongst some other things- one of them being dark chocolate covered strawberry licorice! OMG! it is SO yummy! Was skeptical but bought it anyway- yummo! For those of you in Oz- if it sounds nice to you & would like to try it- we got it at Woolworth's. Ricci is the brand name. Nice!

Getting late-

Hope you are well.

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Crystal said...

Congratulations on getting the poncho done! Amazing, how did you do all that in 4-5 weeks?

And you got to wear it to the beach! Can't wait to see the final pic.