Saturday, 16 June 2007

7 am already?

Seems I just got to bed and it is time to get up already! Besides one awakening by RJB because it was too warm in his room ( not sure what happened there, but the little heater must've been turned up too high) and being so excited about this blog adventure and life in general spinning around in my head, I couldn't get to sleep ( happens alot lately- going to have to start taking some White Chestnut Bach Flower Remedy to stop those thoughts from circling around and around-it really works! More on BFR in the future) . Of course there is the constant night time ritual of fighting with the dog to get/ keep covers. She must've been very chilly this morning as she wasn't about to give up any blanket space and she was trying to get to my foot space ( lower corner of the bed)! Cheeky thing! That is the one place I refuse to let her sleep! I need my feet to be able to mooooove! So, here I am enjoying the silence (but for the clacking of keys) of my morning time. I remember many mornings waking up and going to the kitchen to find mom already up and having her coffee and wondering why on Earth was she up every morning so darn early! There are alot of things I understand *now* that I sure didn't then. I wish I had her here to thank in person, but do know she isn't far away. I talk to her often- Dad too. Sometimes RJB is ALOT like Dad. I just smile. Unless he mumbles. Then I grumble. Man- that is so annoying to have happen- "grumble mumble", "I'm sorry- what did you say?" "Nuffin' " says he- waving me away with his hand ! At 3 years of age!?! OY! :)

Off to the library today to return the many spinning (fiber/fibre, not strange bike thingies), crochet, and recipe books I borrowed a month ago. Did I have time to read them all? No-o-o. Would I like to own copies of about eleventy-seven of them? Ye-e-e-s! These were books we got from the library at Noarlunga Centre-which is about a 20 min. drive away and we get there - well- once every 4 years! lol I have started using the reserve feature now and ask for books to be transferred to our local library for pick up- that is within walking distance. Still don't get there as often as I'd like- but well- life happens.
Better publish this and get some other things done before my 'me time' is over for the day.
Hope you are well.


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