Friday, 15 June 2007

First posting

Well- I am going to keep this short and sweet until I know what the heck I am doing here!
(What the heck am I doing here!? LOL )

My new fibre friend to whom I am lately transferring all my money, Mandie, suggested I blog. Been thinking about it alot lately anyway with the current trend of an unstable server problem at any given moment ( Do NOT- I beg you - get as your ISP if you are in Oz and reading this) , my lack of ability to keep up with writing to all the folks to whom I would like to write yet keep my house intact and semi ant-free (read: RJB- age 3- who tends to love letting anything he happens to consume fall happily to the waiting "search ant" who rushes to tell his comrades the jackpot was hit and then I spend 5 mins. being hysterical over 100's of ants showing up out of nowhere and then 5 more cleaning them up- following that conga line to the source and wiping out tiny little lives in order to more comfortably live ours........) - I have decided that if I can't do justice to regular emails- then by Humphrey I am going to try this here blogger thingy!
No promises.
I might even get to share photos with everyone thisaway too!

So - welcome to my blog and Thank You Mandie- for the push and a brilliant inspiring blog of your own. ( To whose I will link to from mine just as soon as I figure things like that out....)



Renée said...

Woo-hoo! You're officially blogging! Life has been crazy-busy and it's so nice to know you're now only a click away...okay, at least a WWW away. Can't believe Riley is already 3...where *does* the time go?! Mine are 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. Amazing.

Can't wait for pix! Love you!

Mandie said...

YAY!! You did it - good for you!
Can hardly wait for the next post :-)
Poncho pix please :-)

Sherlock40 said...

To blog, or not to blog, that is the question. Great idea, now I can see how you're doing "down under".


Crystal said...

Hey, it's Crystal from the USofA signing in...What an interesting idea. I'm new to this, too, so bear with me. What a beautiful day in Pennsylvania!