Tuesday, 22 January 2008

TIZ TEAZLES! available for your admiration

Heads up! As of this writing the Tiz Teazles website is up again! :)

There is so much information available there and some of the most GORGEOUS yarns you have ever seen!
If you want to support these lovely folks but don't spin or do yarn crafts - you can always buy yarn or fluff and have them send it to me! LOL! There is nothing on that site that I don't like! OMGOSH!

A special heads up to folks who may own their own fibre bearing animals- they do fibre prep and yarn spinning for you, if you are so inclined! I can tell you from the tops I have received that the top is lovely and open and will be a dream to spin.

Sorry to rave on and on- but I just adore having coloured alpaca fibre available for me to spin- I know there *has* to be others who love it and want it also. They have some gorgeous mohair I am looking into as well now. oh- and Dawnii does her darndest to get you the best shipping prices she can too! I am always amazed how well she packages my fluff!

Please consider purchasing from these lovely folks.
It' s been said that how (and where) you spend your money says alot about you.
Spending it here will make you feel and look good! ;)

I am still intending to post photos of my recent arrivals- perhaps later today or tomorrow!
But for now- here is another viewing of what I got at the beginning of December 2007-

There's a little bag with some samples of the purple-y alpaca I got, sitting on top, and we also got a large amount of what is called "Jaffa" -which is honestly the most beautiful deep brown fibre I have ever seen. Just the plain brown without any additional glitter or light orange in it would be fabulous to own- it is so rich and lustrous.

Hope you are well!


Christine said...

Thanks for the info on Tiz Teazles! I've been emailing back & forth since your post & am sending a bag of fibre to be prepared & spun.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Thanks for the link!!

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

You make my day!An Award,come and have a look! LOL